Venus Swirl

The Gillette Venus Innovation

The new Gillette Venus Swirl Razor performs like no other Venus Razor! Developed by women for women, it is the only razor for women using Flexiball™ technology. The new adaptable Contour™ blades are our thinnest and finest blades.

For perfect beauty

The new Venus Swirl Razor, our best blades and the Satin Care Violet Swirl razor gel.

Unique 5-Contour™ Blades

Providing 6 x more flexibility*, the 5-Contour™ blades adjust to any body form.

Our most advanced blades, even for parts of the body difficult to reach.

*vs. Venus Original 3 blades

Innovative Flexiball™ Technology

Unlike traditional razors which move in 2 directions, the Flexiball™ technology allows Venus Swirl to cover areas which possibly cannot be reached by other razors.

MicroFine Comb

The MicroFine comb directs the hair to the blades which in fact capture each individual hair.

Water activated MoistureGlide Serum

Water activated MoistureGlide Serum for extraordinary gliding property.

Ergonomically designed handpiece

The ergonomically designed handpiece ensures safe control and easy handling.

SatinCare Violet Swirl Razor Gel

The SatinCare Violet Swirl razor gel with improved formula – Provides 4 times more moisture**, protects the skin against loss of moisture during shaving.

**vs. SatinCare Sensitive