Women's Disposable Razors by Venus

Explore Venus collection of women's disposable razors designed with your body and its hair in mind. Build your shaving routine with Venus.

Your skin. Your way. The pragmatic "quick-to-hand" solution from Venus: The disposable razors accompany you wherever you are and ensure smooth, hair-free skin in a short time. Disposable razors for women shave thoroughly and gently.

Gillette Venus Disposable Razors

Why Venus disposable razors?

For skin-friendly disposable razors that leave you fuzz-free, Venus disposable razors are a prime pick. Our high-quality razors featuring Lubrastrip are created with convenient anti-slip grips to help you reach those tricky spots with ease. Choose from six of our different disposable razors to suit your shaving needs:

The Venus Embrace Sensitive Disposable Razors

If you’re looking for the best disposable razors for sensitive skin, then the Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor might be the top choice. This razor with five blades and a strip of Aloe Vera is designed to deliver a smooth, painless, irritation-free shaving experience for sensitive skin.

The Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors

Another win for sensitive skin is the three-blade Venus Sensitive Disposable Razor. This razor cares for the skin and defends against cuts during shave.

The Venus Treasures Disposables Razor

With a touch of aloe vera, we bring the benefits of this soothing plant to your skin during every shave from leg hairs to the bikini line, the Venus Treasures Disposable Razor is a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

The Simply Venus 3 Disposables

Simplicity meets sleek design in the Simply Venus razor. Its easy-to-grip handle provides a smooth shave all over. This disposable razor is easy to spot either in a travel bag or on the side of your bathtub.

Venus Top Disposable Razors

The Venus Tropical Disposable Razors

Because we believe in creating the best disposable razors for women, our Venus Tropical Disposable Razor goes a step further to make your shaving experience a truly glorious one.

The Venus Oceana Disposable Razors

For the convenience of shaving on the go, our Venus Oceana Disposable Razor is the right choice. Its eye-catching design with three blades plus protective cushioning provides smooth glide without any cuts.

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Keep skin soft and smooth with Venus’ ladies shaving gel. Suitable for sensitive and dry skin, our gently scented shave gel collection is available to care for your skin.

Disposable Razor FAQs:

What is a disposable razor?

A disposable razor is designed to be thrown away after each use, unlike reusable razors where the handles are kept and the blades are replaced over time.

When to use a disposable razor

Women’s disposable razors can be used at any time but are most practical when traveling, or when first learning how to shave.