Women's Razors by Venus

Venus ladies razors are designed to give you a close and an extra smooth shave. Explore our collection of women’s razors for perfect shave every single time.

Your skin. Your way. Discover the Venus Women's razors and the numerous possible combinations of handles and razor blades. Trim, style and shape the way you like it with the Venus Refillable Razors!

Woman shaving with Gillette Venus Razor

Why Venus Women’s Razors?

For a silky-smooth shave every time, Venus women’s razors are a vital part of your self-grooming routine. Shop a selection of high-quality razors from intimate to sensitive skin razors.

Venus Women’s Razors for Sensitive Skin

Venus women’s reusable razors keep your sensitive skin nourished and protected with every glide. Choose from the Smooth Sensitive or Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Rose Gold razor (the ‘best razor for sensitive skin’ Vogue, 2022).

Venus Women’s Razors for Dry Skin

Venus offers the best women’s reusable razors for dry skin, like the Comfortglide Coconut plus Olay and Sugarberry plus Olay razors, which, like all Venus razors feature SkinCushionTM technology to deliver a smooth shave with less irritation day after day.

Venus Top Women’s Reusable Razors

Best Everyday Women’s Razor

Our Venus Smooth Razor was lauded by Verve Times. Designed with three blades between comfort cushions and an ergonomic handle, this might be your simplest shave yet. (Verve Times, 2022)

Best Women’s Razor for Flexibility

When you’re looking to shave those hard-to-reach hairs with 360° flexibility, our Venus Deluxe Smooth Swirl Razor is ready to help. Designed with a unique Flexi BallTM handle, the razor helps you glide easily and avoid shaving irritation. Maybe that’s why Closer recommended it as one of their top women’s razors of 2023.

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Blades & Refills

Gillette Venus razors offer long-lasting results and reusability. Choose from three or five-blade razor head refills to keep your shaving kit stocked up and your skin smooth.

Shaving Gels

Step up your shaving care with Venus shaving gel for women - for the ultimate shaving experience that will leave your skin soft and refreshingly supple.

Women’s Razor FAQs

How to change a razor blade head

Replacing your razor blades couldn’t be easier.

  1. Hold the handle with one hand and thumb over the ejection button
  2. Securely grip the razor blade head with the other hand
  3. Slide the ejection button up and remove the old head
  4. Slide the handle into the new blade head and click it into place.

How often should you change your reusable razor?

Change your razor head after 5-7 shaves, or when the blade becomes dull and starts to drag against your skin.