Women's Shaving Gels by Venus

Explore Venus collection of shaving gels for women curated to suit your sensitive, dry and other skin types. Build your shaving routine with Venus.

Your skin. Your way. Complete your care routine with the shaving gel for women. Our Venus products for your shave offer everything you need for supple, smooth and well-groomed skin. It's your decision.

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Why Venus Shaving Gels?

Our affordable range of shaving gels for women work wonders when it comes to keeping your skin satin soft, buttery smooth, and deeply saturated with naturally moisturising ingredients. We offer shaving gels that cater to every skin type, shaving need, and body area: from vitamin e enriched preparatory shaving gel, right through to our Venus 2-in-1 Cleanser and Shave Gel for Pubic Hair and Skin.

Shop our selection of ladies shaving gels and see our bestsellers below:

Venus Top Shaving Gels

The Venus Satin Care Sensitive Aloe Vera Glide Shaving Gel

The best women's shaving gels for sensitive skin are formulated to be deeply moisturising and soothing. Our Venus Aloe Vera Glide shaving gel has been formulated specially to protect you from shaving irritation, rashes and razor burn.

The Venus Satin Care Olay Vitamin E Shave Prep Shaving Gel

This enriched shaving gel for women is packed with vitamin e to help your skin lock in more moisture, resulting in a satin-smooth shaving experience. With a luxuriously silky texture, the Satin Care Olay Vitamin E Shave Prep Shaving Gel lathers easily onto the skin for a closer shave with each razor glide.

Still unsure? Check out our handy guide on how to choose the right shaving gel for you.

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Venus shaving gels are designed to work with all types of razors, including disposable and refillable razors.

Our disposable razors are a convenient option designed to be used for a limited number of shaves, perfect for when you’re on holiday.

Refillable razors are a more eco-friendly and durable option. These razors come with detachable heads that can be easily replaced once the blade goes dull.

Blade refills or blade cartridges are used to replace the blades in refillable razors. Ours come in packs of three or five blade heads and can be easily attached to the razor head.

Shaving Gel FAQs:

Is shaving gel better than foam?

Women’s shaving gels offer more protection than shaving foam thanks to the richer lather it tends to produce, which helps to lubricate a wider surface area.

How do you use shaving gel?

Prep the area by trimming longer hairs, exfoliating to remove dead skin cells, then apply a dollop of shaving gel and lather. Shave with the direction of hair growth first to avoid irritation.