How to Choose the Best Shaving Cream and Gel for your Skin Type

When it comes down to shaving, one of the most important steps in any woman’s grooming routine is picking the right shaving gel. So, read on to discover the benefits of shaving gels and which one’s the best for you.

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Woman shaving in the bathroom

With so many foams, creams and shaving gels for women on the market, it’s sometimes difficult to know which one’s best for our skin type. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to women’s shaving gel.

Why do we need shaving gel or cream?

Woman Apply Shaving Gel to Shave Legs in the Bath

Using shaving creams and gels is an essential step to keep the areas you’re shaving moisturised and smooth . The best shaving creams for women are formulated with nourishing ingredients that help preserve moisture while you shave.

Another benefit of shaving gel is that it allows the razors to glide across your skin more easily and helps you track your razor strokes so you don’t miss a spot.

Here’s the full list of benefits:

  • Keeps your skin moisturised
  • Allows you to track razor strokes so you don’t over shave or miss a spot
  • Creates a layer of protection between your skin and the blade so you can avoid cuts
  • Reduces the amount of friction lowering the chances of razor burn, rashes and redness

The best shaving creams and gels for your skin type

Woman shaving her armpit hair using Venus razor and shaving gel

No skin is the same, which is why finding the best shaving cream for your skin type is an important first step to consider before shaving.

Some people may have sensitive skin or be allergic or intolerant to perfumed products. People with dry skin may prefer more nourishing formulations of shaving creams for women or scented shaving foams for a refreshing feel.

Here’s our guide to the best shaving gels for women according to skin type:

Shaving creams and gels for sensitive skin

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If you have sensitive skin, you will need to choose a shaving cream that is free of irritants. Select a shaving gel that’s specially formulated for sensitive skin to ensure you’re still getting the hydration and protection you need without the ingredients that can irritate your skin.

The best shaving gels for sensitive skin come with irritant-free formulations designed without alcohol, fragrances or harsh chemicals.

Check out Venus Satin Care Sensitive Shave Gel.

The best shaving gels and creams for dry skin

The best shaving gels and creams with cleansers

Some shaving products can dry out your skin, which is especially bothersome if your skin is prone to dryness already. Use a shaving gel with glycerin, which helps the skin attract and retain its own natural moisture, leaving your skin feeling healthier and more hydrated when you shave.

Our Venus Satin Care Dry Skin shaving gel for women is specifically designed for dry skin and contains nourishing glycerin and shea butter to hydrate the skin.

The best shaving gels and creams for oily skin

Soak Your Skin in Warm Bath and Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

If your skin is on the oily side, we recommend using a shaving gel with a lighter formulation. Avoid picking shaving creams with glycerin and opt for purifying ingredients like eucalyptus and lavender.

Our Venus Satin Care Pure & Delicate women’s shaving foam contains lavender and eucalyptus leaf oils which are natural ingredients that can help purify oily skin.

Shaving gels and creams with fragrances

Venus 2 in 1 Cleanser and Razor

If you want to smell fresh, try a scented shaving gel. There are tons of shaving creams with fun fragrances including many Gillette women’s shaving gels. So pick one that most appeals to your sense of smell while supplying you with the hydration benefits you need when shaving.

The best shaving gels and creams with cleansers

Woman shaving her leg with shaving gel

Before you apply shaving gels for women one key step is to make sure your skin is well-hydrated by soaking the area you plan to shave in warm water by taking a shower or bath for three to five minutes. Then using shaving gel will help preserve this moisture.

If you want a faster way to wash and shave, try a shaving gel that combines body cleansers and shaving cream to gently cleanse and moisturise your skin at the same time.

Try Venus 2-in-1 Cleanser and Gel.

Shaving creams and gels for pubic hair and bikini area

Woman Apply Shaving Gel to Shave Legs in the Bath

If you’re looking for shaving creams for pubic hair, pick products designed specifically for this sensitive area. The best shaving creams for private areas come with gentle formulations that are dermatologist and gynaecologist approved and respect the area’s natural pH balance.

Can you shave without shaving cream?

What to do if you don’t want to use shaving cream

You should never dry shave as it can cause razor burn, ingrown hairs and skin irritation. With that said, if you prefer shaving without shaving cream, use a razor blade with built-in protective moisture bars and shave in the shower or bath.

Razors with moisture bars attached still prevent skin irritation and maintain moisture, but you do not have to apply an additional layer of shaving cream before you shave. These types of razors can also feel more comfortable during use.

Shaving Cream FAQs

What is the best shaving cream for women’s faces?

If shaving your face, use shaving creams formulated for sensitive skin and look out for emollient ingredients that can help soothe your skin post-shave.

Is men’s shaving cream better than women’s?

Not necessarily, women’s shaving foam can be formulated for specific areas like your pubic region. Using shaving creams designed for other body parts may cause unnecessary irritation to your private areas.

Are shaving creams safe during pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, always check the label on the product to see if you can use it. Avoid shaving creams and lotions with harsh chemicals.