The Correct Way to Shave Armpit Hair

Armpit shaving is one of the most popular forms of hair removal. If you’re wondering how to shave armpits correctly, read on as we’ll discover the key benefits of shaving this area and share our 7 top tips to armpit shaving.

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How To Shave Your Armpit Hair

Learning how to shave your underarms correctly can reduce chances of razor burn, ingrown hairs and skin irritation. So here are some straightforward tips for how to shave armpit hair.

Why you should shave armpit hairs

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‘Should I shave my armpits?’ is a common question many ask. Afterall, you may choose to keep your armpit hair, trim it or shave it off completely. Ultimately, the choice is yours. But there are a few benefits to armpit shaving to keep in mind, these include:

Less sweat

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Shaving your armpits can help reduce the appearance of sweat stains on your clothes. That’s because armpit hair actually retains moisture, causing sweaty armpits and unsightly sweat marks.

Cleaner underarms

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Another benefit of shaving armpits is the reduction of BO (body odour). BO is caused by bacteria breaking your sweat down, causing that pungent and unwanted armpit smell.

Having smooth underarms with no hair reduces the amount of trapped bacteria and also helps detergents and deodorants penetrate the skin further, helping you stay odour-free for longer.

If you’re keen to start shaving armpit hair, always use sharp new razor blades. Using dull blades may tug and pull the sensitive skin by your underarms. This can cause razor bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs on armpits.

How to shave your armpit hair

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Learning how to shave armpits correctly can reduce chances of razor burn, ingrown hairs and skin irritation. So here are some straightforward tips for how to shave underarms:

Don’t use a dull razor

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Shaving armpit hairs with a dull razor blade increases the likelihood of razor burn and skin irritation. If you start to feel your blade pull at your body hair or feel rough on your skin, replace it. Learn more about when to change razor blades.

Hydrate your skin before you shave

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It may be tempting to dry shave your armpits given how small the area is. But keep in mind the skin under your arms is sensitive, so it’s important to protect it while shaving.

Soak your underarms in warm water in a shower or bath for around three minutes to soften your skin and make the hair thick with water. This helps the hair cut more easily.

Wash your underarms

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Taking a bath or shower before you shave can ensure your armpits are clear of sweat and deodorant which can clog razor blades.

Washing helps the razor more effectively shave off body hair; it also helps prevent bacteria from the combination of sweat and deodorant from penetrating through the skin if scratched while shaving.

Use shaving gel for you underarms

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Although the surface area is tiny and only takes a few strokes of a razor to shave, remember that underarms are sensitive. Use shaving gel to maintain moisture and help the razor glide easily over your skin, to better protect from irritation.

Shave your armpits in all directions

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If you’re wondering how to shave armpits, the answer is to shave in all directions to ensure you achieve extra smooth underarms. The hair under our arms grows in all directions, so shaving in one direction might not result in a close shave.
For best results, lift your arm above your head, press gently down on the razor and shave lightly in short strokes in all directions — downward, sideways and back upward, if needed.

Be sure to moisturise

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Once you’re finished armpit shaving, rinse and gently pat your underarms dry with a clean towel and make sure to clean your razor.

Apply moisturiser or oil, preferably one that’s alcohol-free. Although it may sound counter-intuitive to moisturise this area, it will help keep your skin hydrated and reduce the chances of developing razor burn and bumps.

Wait before applying deodorant

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After you shave underarms, wait a little bit before putting on deodorant. Applying deodorant to freshly shaven skin may cause some discomfort. So, allow your skin time to rest to reduce the chances of irritation from the deodorant.

Is your skin on the sensitive side? Consult our guide to shaving sensitive skin with Venus products here.

Armpit Shaving FAQs

How often should you shave your armpits?

If you follow our guide to armpit shaving, it is safe to shave your underarms every day if necessary. However, if you see signs of irritation or redness, avoid shaving the area every day and let a couple of days go by in between shaves.

Does shaving make your armpits darker?

No, it doesn’t make your armpits darker but the stubble created by shaving may give the illusion that your skin is darkening. When using a razor to shave, you’re only removing the surface hair leaving the root still visible, which contributes to the darker appearance.

Is it better to shave or wax underarms?

Whether you shave or wax your underarms is entirely down to personal preferences. But many find the advantages of shaving to be the ease and practicality of using a razor at home, the pain-free process, which requires no hair ripping and the fact it is quick and economical.