How to Get Smooth Legs: Tips for Shaving Legs

Need tips on how to shave your legs? Our guide will show you how to get smoother legs without nicks, razor burns and skin irritation – these steps for how to shave your legs are ideal for tricky areas and more.

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Though knowing how to shave your legs may seem rather straightforward, there are key steps to take to minimise the chances of skin irritation. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind.

Hydrate your skin before shaving your legs

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If your legs are not well hydrated the hair will be more difficult to cut, increasing the chances of irritating your skin, causing scratches or razor burn. Shaving dry hair can even dull down your blade faster.

Soaking your legs in a warm bath or shower for at least 3-5 minutes will help soften your hairs. This makes shaving easier and more effective.

Apply shaving gel

Woman Apply Shaving Gel to Shave Legs in the Bath

After soaking, lather shaving gel and smooth evenly over your legs. Using shaving gel keeps your legs moisturised and helps the razor blade glide easily across your skin.

Using a clear shaving gel also helps you see where you’re shaving so you can avoid shaving the same area twice. This helps reduce the chances of irritation.

Use a sharp razor when shaving

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If your razor blade pulls at your body hair or feels rough on your skin while shaving, it’s time for a replacement. Using a dull blade to shave increases the chances of getting skin rashes, razor burns and irritation.

In case you’re wondering how often you should change razor blades, check out our guide on the topic. We advise changing your razor’s head around every 2 weeks if you shave daily.

Shave in long, steady strokes

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You don’t have to press hard on your razor when shaving as long as your blade is clean and sharp. Shave in long, steady strokes applying gentle pressure. To find out the best direction to shave legs, here is our step-by-step process:

Don't press hard

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Venus razors are engineered with precision so you only need to glide the blade over your legs once. Shave using light strokes as applying too much pressure can cause skin irritation and makes your razor less likely to last a long time.

Correct direction to shave legs

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For anyone wondering which direction to shave legs, for a smooth shaving experience we always recommend following the direction your hair grows in.

Dealing with tricky areas

Legs Shaving with Venus Women's Razor Blade with Extra Moisture

Shave carefully around bonier areas such as ankles and knees, to avoid accidentally getting scratched – here are our tips on how to shave these areas effectively.

How to shave your knees and ankle

The best shaving gels and creams with fragrances

When shaving your knees, try bending your leg to keep this area of skin taut. This will allow you to shave the front of your knee cap with more ease, avoiding catching any loose skin.

How to shave the back of your thighs

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To reach this tricky area, it’s best to straighten your leg when shaving behind and remember to avoid pushing hard as this area can be prone to nicks.

Moisturise your legs after you shave

Woman Moisturize Her Legs After Shaving

When satisfied with your shave, rinse off your legs, pat your skin dry with a towel and apply a moisturising lotion or oil. This will help prevent skin irritation post-shave and keep your legs hydrated.

Once you’re ready to get silky smooth legs, discover more about the Venus razors and razor blades.

Additional tips for leg shaving

Clean your razor

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Rinsing your blades as you go helps to keep your razor sharp over time and reduce you’re the chances of razor burn. If you don’t know how to clean your razor, it’s also a great idea to visually check there are no stray hairs trapped as they will shorten the blades’ lifespan.

Don’t shave first thing in the morning

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While shaving may be part of your morning routine, it’s best to wait until the evening as the hair is closest to its follicles when you wake up due to night-time fluid retention.

Use multi-blade sharp razor over single blade razors

Platinum razor handle with different types of attachable blades

When looking for the best razor for you, we suggest to go for multi-blade options. Our Gillette Venus Swirl razor has five blades along with a flexiball design to catch more hairs than a traditional razor. You may also wish to try bikini trimmers for reaching hairs in difficult to reach areas – our range of Venus hair removal products has a whole host of options to try for all your grooming needs.

Leg Shaving FAQs

How long does it take to shave your legs?

On average, it takes most women under ten minutes to shave their legs. Following our tips on smooth hair removal is a great way to ensure you remove hair efficiently without burns or rashes.

Why should you shave your legs?

While body grooming is a personal decision, many women like the aesthetic of smoothly shaved legs. Try out body grooming for yourself to find out your ideal routine!

Do you shave up or down legs?

Shaving with the grain is always recommended to reduce the chances of skin irritation. If your razor pulls on the skin’s surface it can leave redness and affect how hair grows back in.

When to shave your legs for the first time?

Most girls will start shaving their legs for the first time during puberty. There’s no magic number so feel free to start whenever works for you.