Popular Pubic Hair Styles for Women

Explore all you need to know about the most popular pubic hairstyles to try and how to achieve the style using Venus shaving products.

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image of a woman standing in a bikini

Just like we love to style the hair on our heads, there are so many exciting ways to style your locks down there! So, if you want to try something different with your pubic hair and need some inspiration or are just curious about different pubic hairstyles out there, we’ve got a super helpful guide to the most popular public hairstyles for you to try!

History of Pubic Hair

Shaving Stomach with Venus Razor

Whether a woman chooses to rock the bush, sport a funky pubic hairstyle, or go bare down there, the decision is hers. Since the 1980’s women’s pubic hairstyles became commonly embraced, as women started to unapologetically style their pubic hair on their own terms, just how it should be!

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to let your pubic hair grow, shaving it off, or anything in between, the choice is yours. From styling your pubic hair using a Bikini Trimmer to the best Pubic Care Products to achieve them, we’re here to help you discover all the popular female pubic hairstyles you can choose from. Learn more about the history and evolution of Venus Razors for women.

1. The Bush

The Bush Pubic Hairstyle

For those who want to go au naturel and rock the bush, you’ll be pleased to know it requires minimal effort; just sit back, and let your locks grow. Hair around the vulva is there for a reason, so there’s nothing wrong with letting it grow. In fact, the bush is nature’s very own pubic hairstyle!

2. The Brazilian

The Brazilian Pubic Hairstyle

The Brazilian is the opposite of the bush, and it is for women who wish to get rid of all their pubic hair in and around their pubic and intimate areas. This can be achieved with various hair removal methods like waxing and shaving. Learn how to shave your pubic hair to achieve a flawless Brazilian shave.

3. The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle Pubic Hairstyle

This pubic hairstyle is a popular and easy-to-maintain style to opt for. Women usually go for this style as it is convenient and easy to shave the bikini line whilst leaving hair in the middle. The style is essentially a bikini line shave, with hair that is triangular around the vulva.

4. The Thin Strip

The Thin Strip Pubic Hairstyle

The strip is a pubic hair style chosen by women who wish to have minimal hair down there but still leave a slight trace. This style looks like a thin strip of hair down the middle of your mons pubis with the rest of the pubic area completely shaved. Learn how to shave your bikini line to achieve the thin strip style!

5. The Martini Glass

The Martini Glass Pubic Hairstyle

For those women who want to get creative with their pubic hair, this style is a popular choice! The martini glass style combines the Bermuda triangle and the thin strip to form a shape resembling a martini glass! To achieve this look, you can shave the edges of your bikini line to make it more triangular, then leave a thin strip at the bottom.

6. The Silver Fox

The Silver Fox Pubic Hairstyle

For mature women with grey hair down there, the silver fox is a great way to rock your grey locks and be proud of them. Simply let your grey pubic hair be and feel empowered. You can also combine the silver fox with other pubic hairstyles for a timeless feel!

7. The Vajazzle

The Vajazzle Pubic Hairstyle

The Vajazzle is the most fun and artistic pubic style of them all. From adding gems or a temporary tattoo to dyeing your pubic hair any colour, use your pubic area as a canvas to create dazzling styles, with pubic hair or without!

If you want to apply a temporary tattoo or gems to your pubic area, then the hair on that area must be removed before doing so. You can leave hair in places around the gems and tattoo as long as it doesn’t hinder the application process.

So there you have it! Whether you wish to keep it natural with a bush, go completely clean with a Brazilian or shape your pubic hair into a style of your choice, Venus Pubic & Skin Care Products guide is here to help you achieve any pubic hairstyle you desire!

Pubic Hairstyles FAQs

Is it good to keep pubic hair long?

Growing out your pubic hair long serves many benefits; the most significant benefits are:

  • It provides friction that protects from potential irritation
  • Blocks vagina area from potential infections
  • Helps regulate body temperature

Can you dye/colour your pubic hair?

Yes, you can dye pubic hair if you choose a hair dye free from harsh chemicals such as ammonia or parabens and try not to let the dye touch the skin.

How long does a vajazzle stay on?

Vajazzle gems can stay on for up to 7-10 days, depending on how active you are. However, if you opt for a vajazzle tattoo, they can last for up to 2 weeks.