Upper Lip Hair Removal: Best ways to remove upper lip hair

Wondering about the best way to remove upper lip hair? Targeting this area is easy with the right hair removal methods - at Venus we’ve gathered all the info to guide you through the most popular ways to remove facial hair for women.

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Spotting hair in this area is a fact of life for women, so when you want to get a smoother look here it’s worth knowing all possible upper lip hair removal methods – and at Venus we know our way around removing hair!

One of the most popular grooming options is shaving your upper lip and with Venus’s moisturising products and smooth hair removal devices, you can say goodbye to any unwanted hair with ease.

Shaving upper lip

Shaving upper lip

While there are a whole host of salon treatments available for female facial hair removal, shaving upper lip hair is one of the most time-effective and simple techniques out there.

You may have heard women ask does shaving make hair grow thicker? This is a common myth when it comes to hair removal and genetics determine how your hair grows back in. As you see the tip of the hair appear first as it grows back in, many people believe this is thicker.

How to shave your upper lip

How to shave your upper lip
  • Prepping your skin’s surface before any hair removal is a must and in terms of how to shave upper lip, we suggest cleaning your skin’s surface and softening the hair with warm water first.
  • For anyone wondering how to avoid ingrown hairs on your upper lip these steps help your razor to cut hair more easily and reduce your chances of irritation.
  • Next, apply a moisturising product like our Venus Satin Care Sensitive Shave Gel to any areas you’ve spotted unwanted hairs in.
  • To avoid an uncomfortable shave for your skin, make sure your Venus Smooth Razor has sharp and clean blades. It’s also a must to replace your razor when you notice it pulling on your hair and as a rule of thumb we suggest you aim to change every one to two weeks if you shave daily.

Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams are available for different areas of the body so be sure to find one targeted and safe for use on your upper lip. They are an affordable and easy method that you can use in the comfort of your own home as you simply wipe away hair after applying it to your upper lip area.

The main drawback for anyone using creams to get rid of upper lip hair is that they do not dissolve hair at its root so you may see it reappear quickly.


Female hand holding a waxing strip with wax dripping from it

For this top lip hair removal method, you start by applying hot wax to your upper lip area. Once it’s cooled you can pull it away firmly with a cloth strip and you should see effective removal for up to a month.

For this hair removal method, you will need to wait for hair to grow out to between one-quarter to three-quarters of an inch for the treatment to be effective.

It’s worth knowing that as a particularly sensitive area of your body, waxing can be a painful way to remove upper lip hair.

Threading upper lip hair

Threading upper lip hair

Upper lip threading is a salon treatment which can remove hair at the root. Your beautician will wind a thread around hairs on your upper lip before pulling them out sharply.

Like waxing, this treatment may be painful as it is a sensitive area but it also offers long-lasting results by removing hair at the root. Unlike at-home hair removal methods, threading can also take up more time for in-person treatments.

Tweezing and plucking upper lip hair

Tweezing and plucking tools

As a hair removal method which can target individual hairs, tweezing can be well suited to removing stray hairs as you spot them growing.

For women’s upper lip hair, removing growth at its root means you can expect to see results that will last for up to a month.

Epilating your upper lip

Epilator for removing upper lip hair

This option is a hair removal method that removes growth at its root so offers results for up to four weeks but you do not need to wait for hair to regrow fully as you may with waxing.

Epilating your upper lip is also quicker than using a tweezer as you can remove multiple hairs at the same time.

Laser hair removal for your top lip

Female holding laser hair removal Device

If you’re looking for a permanent hair removal solution for female facial hair, upper lip laser hair removal could be the ideal option for you.

Laser hair removal for your top lip is also the most cost and time-intensive treatment for women and you may find over time that you need extra treatments if you see any signs of regrowth.

Electrolysis for upper lip hair

Electrolysis for upper lip hair

For another permanent option, electrolysis for upper lip hair removal works via a thin metal probe which your beautician will insert for targeted hairs before sending a gentle electric pulse to your follicle.

This treatment offers lasting hair removal after a number of treatments but also comes with mild discomfort and at a greater time and cost than at-home options.


Sugaring for Upper Lip Hair Removal

For a natural approach to upper lip hair removal, sugaring works similarly to waxing. You start by heating up a sugar-based solution and applying it to any hair growth you’ve spotted.

You then pull the solution off with a clean cloth strip; make sure when applying the paste that it is at room temperature to avoid burning your skin.

Choosing the right method for you

Manual and Electric Razor

Once you’re aware of the pros and cons of each method for upper lip hair removal, you can choose the ideal option to fit around your lifestyle.

Our range of Venus Shaving Products offers easy hair removal in the comfort of your own home and is well suited to targeting small areas with multiple blades to catch each hair and a lubricated strip to glide over your skin’s surface.

Upper Lip Hair Removal FAQs

Does shaving your upper lip make it darker?

As hair grows back in you will normally see the stubbly or blunt end of your hair appear first and you may wonder does shaving your upper lip make it darker. Your hair’s shade is in fact all down to genetics and does not change over time.

Can upper lip hair be removed naturally?

One of the most popular natural hair removal methods for upper lip growth is waxing with a sugar-based solution. This treatment should generally be done in a salon for safety and removes hair at its root.

Does plucking upper lip hair make it thicker?

When choosing the right hair removal method for you, many women wonder does plucking upper lip hair make it thicker? In fact, any changes in hair growth or colour are down to hormonal and genetic factors rather than grooming.

Is upper lip waxing a good idea?

You may wonder is lip waxing a good idea, as this is a particularly sensitive area of skin and waxing can be a painful hair removal method. While it is generally safe you may find it particularly uncomfortable if you have rosacea or notice folliculitis if the process is not done correctly.