Is Shaving Better than Waxing? A Complete Guide

When it comes to deciding ‘is waxing or shaving better’, there’s a few pros and cons to consider – here at Venus we’ve got some experience on the topic! So read on to discover what hair removal method works best for you.

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The big difference between waxing and shaving is how each method tackles hair – waxing pulls hairs out at the root, shaving glides over your skin to catch hairs, cutting them closely to your skin.

To choose between these methods, we suggest looking at which area you are targeting as deciding between waxing vs shaving your bikini line may be down to whether you prefer treatments in the comfort of your home or at a salon.

Shaving vs Waxing – how do they differ?

Shaving vs Waxing

Whether you’re new to hair removal or trying out new methods, you may be wondering is shaving better than waxing? We’re here to run you through how to prep for each, as well as give you a lowdown on the benefits of shaving vs waxing.

1. How does the prep differ for waxing vs shaving?

How does the prep differ for waxing vs shaving?

Smooth hair removal starts with well-moisturised skin - we suggest soaking the area you’re targeting for a few minutes. For waxing, trim any hair longer than a quarter of an inch with a pair of scissors.

Gently exfoliating skin before hair removal is a great way to prep as you remove dead skin cells, thus reducing the risk of irritation.

2. What is the process for waxing and shaving?

Woman shaving her leg

Looking at the difference between waxing and shaving, waxing can be done at home or a salon and starts with applying cold or hot wax to your desired area. Once your skin is dry and exfoliated, a cloth strip is applied to the wax and pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth.

When it comes to shaving with a Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Razor, you simply apply a generous amount of shaving gel and glide your razor over your skin. On your first pass, you should shave with the grain hair grows.

3. Is shaving better than waxing for your face?

Is shaving better than waxing for your face?

For facial hair removal, remember this is a particularly sensitive and small area. Waxing can cause ingrown hairs if forceful, causing irritation.

One of the benefits of shaving is the ability to apply gentle pressure with your device. Be sure to shave in the direction of hair growth on your face and neck and use a clean razor with sharp blades. Over time blades will dull so we suggest replacing your razor head as soon as you notice any pulling on your skin.

4. How to do shaving aftercare?

Shaving after care

Looking after your skin is a must for smooth hair removal so after shaving, ensure you restore hydration levels by applying a deep moisturising cream.

5. What are the advantages of shaving vs waxing for intimate areas?

Female hand holding a waxing strip with wax dripping from it

For bikini hair line removal, one of the advantages of waxing is removing hair at its root for a closer finish and longer-lasting results. But as this area is sensitive, this can lead to irritation. It’s also a must to check for allergens in wax ingredients as this can cause discomfort.

Using a Venus Pubic Hair and Skin Razor lets you do smooth hair removal in the comfort of your own home and should be pain-free as your razor glides over the skin instead of pulling hair out at the root.

6. Are there any side effects from shaving or waxing?

Woman with Razor burn on arms

For anyone comparing shaving vs waxing, potential irritation and issues vary. Waxing can cause pain, redness, rash, bumps, scarring and burns in some cases.

Shaving can cause itching, small nicks, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Follow our essential grooming tips to reduce the chances of side effects:

Shaving vs Waxing: What Should You Opt For?

Razors and Waxing strips

To choose your ideal method, make sure you dive into benefits of shaving and waxing.

Hair Removal Method Shaving Waxing
Pain With a multi-blade razor and moisturising gel, this is relatively pain-free Applying hot wax to the skin and pulling hair by the root can be painful
Cost Disposable razors are a low-cost shaving option. Electric shavers are an initial investment but can be used for a long time. System razors have a handle that lasts up to five years. Booking treatments can be expensive over time and self-waxing requires individual at-home kits
Salon vs Home Shaving doesn’t require salon trips so can be a quicker hair removal option Waxing can be done at home or in the salon – some women may prefer a salon assistant’s help
Ease One of shaving’s benefits is that it can be learned quickly with just a few safety tips While waxing offers longer lasting hair removal it requires more steps
Side Effects May include itching, razor burn, nicks or ingrown hairs May include irritation, ingrown hairs, scarring, rashes, bumps and pain after treatment
Areas Shaving with a flexible head razor lets you easily move over hard to reach areas – in particular the Venus Swirl Razor allows you to reach every inch. You may find for underarms or hard to reach areas that in-salon treatments are best for waxing

Once you’ve learned the difference between waxing and shaving, explore our range of Venus Shaving Products – designed for smooth shaving and long-lasting results.

Shaving vs Waxing FAQs

Is It better to wax or shave your bikini area?

For the bikini area, waxing can be targeted to a small area but requires more prep and can be done monthly. For a daily hair removal option, many women may go for shaving.

Will waxing help you with ingrown hairs?

Waxing can give a light exfoliating effect which is beneficial for healthy skin - you can also exfoliate your skin’s surface with our prep formulation with fine smoothing particles.

Is waxing good for your underarms?

For a longer-lasting treatment, waxing your underarms can offer the benefit of hair-free results for up to a few weeks. Wax can also exfoliate the skin and you may see slower and thinner hair growth over time.