Can You Take a Razor on a Plane?

Can you take a razor in your hand luggage? This is a common question people ask before flying. Here’s everything you need to know about taking a razor on a plane.

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The short answer is yes, you can take razors in your hand luggage – but not all types of razors are allowed on a plane.

Before you fly, it’s important to ensure you have the right razor. If your razor isn’t allowed in the plane cabin, it will be confiscated at airport security.

Razors are a travel essential for many, but which ones can go in your hand luggage, and which must go in your hold luggage? Let’s find out.

Disposable razors

Venus Disposable Razors

Disposable razors can be taken in hand luggage and hold luggage. This is because they are ‘fixed-cartridge razor blades’, meaning the blades can’t be removed.

Disposable razors are designed to be discarded after a few uses.

Electric razors

Electric Razor

Electric razors are electronically powered shaving devices that use rotating blades or oscillating foils to trim hair.

Can you take an electric razor on a plane? Yes, you can take electric razors in hand luggage and hold luggage.

Razor cartridges & individual blades

Deluxe Smooth Platinum razor

A razor cartridge is a detachable head with an embedded razor blade which can be removed from the handle and replaced. Razor cartridges can be taken in hand luggage and hold luggage on a plane.

Individual razor blades cannot be taken in hand luggage. However, you are allowed to pack razor blades in your hold luggage.

Safety razors

Venus Comfortglide Breeze Razor

Can you take safety razors in hand luggage? Most airlines do not allow safety razors to be taken in hand luggage. This is because the razor blades are easy to remove, and double-edge blades are forbidden in the cabin.

Best razor to carry on a plane

Gillette Venus Platinum handle with three different razor blades

The best razors to take on a plane are disposable and compact – perfect for travel. Multi-blade razors also offer longer-lasting results, so you won’t need to shave so often during your trip.

The Venus Snap Razor is designed with travel in mind. It boasts five blades for smooth results that last, plus an ultra-compact handle which won’t take up much space in your luggage.

The Venus Deluxe Smooth Swirl Razor is another excellent choice for smooth skin during your trip. The first and only razor with a Flexi Ball handle, the razor twists and turns in four directions to get every hair – even in the hardest areas to reach.

When is it not allowed to bring a razor on a plane?

Venus Extra Smooth Snap Mini Women's Razor 5 Blades

You can take most types of razors on a plane in your hand luggage – including disposable razors, electric razors and razor cartridges.

You are not allowed to bring loose razor blades in your hand luggage, but you can pack these in your hold luggage. Double-edge blades are forbidden in hand luggage on flights – and razor blades fall into this category.

Can you take women’s razors in hand luggage?

Venus Sharp Razor Blade Refill

The same rules apply to women’s razors and men’s razors when it comes to taking them on a plane. Women’s disposable razors and razor cartridges are usually allowed in hand luggage, provided they are set in plastic.

Razor blades are not allowed in hand luggage but can be taken in hold luggage.

Taking a razor on a plane FAQs

Can I take shaving cream in my hand luggage?

You can take shaving cream in your hand luggage if it’s in a container of 100ml or less. Travel-size shaving creams and gels are available to buy in 75ml containers.

Can you take razor blades in your hand luggage?

No, you can’t take loose razor blades in your hand luggage. You can pack them in your hold luggage. Disposable and electric razors are fine to take in your hand luggage.

Do different airlines have different guidelines for razors?

Yes, different airlines have different guidelines for carrying razors in hand luggage. Most airlines allow disposable razors and cartridge razors but not safety razors or loose blades.