How to Shave in The Shower or Bath

Determine the most suitable shaving environment, whether in the bath or shower, by following essential steps for shaving to have an optimal result and prevent skin irritation.

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Woman shaving her legs in the bathroom

Learn key steps for both to ensure the best results and prevent skin irritation.

How should I shave in the shower?

Mom watching her daughter shave her leg

Use shower mat to prevent slipping

Shower head on a bathmat

The shower floor can be slippery, so make sure you have a strong shower mat or adhesive treads in place when you shave in the shower to avoid accidental cuts and scratches from slipping.

Exfoliate your skin

Skin Peeling Before Shaving

Exfoliating with a gentle scrub or loofah will help prepare your skin for the shaving process by removing any dead skin cells and protecting against skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Find a comfortable position or sit on a shower stool to shave your legs

Women shaving her knee in the bathroom

Not sure how to shave your legs in the shower? If you can’t find a comfortable position, try a shower stool or bench. Not only will you be more comfortable but using a shower stool or bench can provide a safer experience by bringing you closer to your legs as you shave.

Be sure to soak your skin

Legs covered in foam in a bathtub

Give your skin enough time, three to five minutes, to hydrate before shaving in the shower to help your hairs soften in the water.

Use a sharp razor that’s easy to grip

Deluxe Smooth Platinum razor

When shaving in the shower, use a razor with an easy-to-grip handle for better control. You also need to use sharp razor blades to prevent skin irritation, scratches, and cuts.

Apply shaving gel

Venus Satin Care Aloe Vera shower gel and razor

Shaving gel preserves moisture, helps the razor glide across your skin, and shows where you have shaved already to avoid re-shaving over an area and causing irritation. Read more on which shaving gel you should use.

Shave in steady strokes

Woman looking focused

Shave in light, steady strokes in the direction of the hair growth, and if you need a closer shave, reapply shaving gel and go against the grain. Once you’re finished shaving be careful when stepping out of the shower, pat your skin dry and apply moisturiser.

How should I shave in the bath?

Woman Shaving her thighs

If you prefer a bath over a shower, protect your skin while shaving in the bath by following a few key steps.

Use a bathmat to prevent slipping

Non-Slip Bath Mat

Although you might think you are more secure in a bath than the shower, you can still slip and slide. Be sure to have a bathmat or adhesive treads in place so you can be safe and secure while you shave and protect your skin from accidental scratches and cuts.

Exfoliate your skin

Skin Peeling Before Shaving

Just like before shaving in the shower, exfoliation is a great way to prepare your skin before shaving in the bath. Use a loofah or gentle scrub to remove any dead skin cells before you shave.

Consider water temperature

Bathtub with running water

Water that’s too hot can irritate and dry out your skin. When shaving in the bath, you want the water to be warm but not hot to prevent irritation.

Make sure to hydrate your skin

Soak Your Skin in Warm Bath and Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

Although most of your skin is under water when bathing, make sure all the areas you plan to shave soak for about three minutes in the bath, this helps your hair soften.

Use a sharp razor

Venus Sharp Razor Blade Refill

Whether you shave in the bath, a shower, or under running water - always use a sharp razor. Dull razor blades increase chances of razor burn, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation, so replace your blade often.

Apply shaving cream as often as needed

Woman Sitting on Bathroom Floor and Shaving Her Legs with Gillette Venus Razor

Your skin may soak in water while taking a bath, but you still need shaving cream to preserve moisture. And be sure to reapply shave gel if it washes off before you shave.

Take your time when shaving your legs in the bath

Woman Shaving Her Legs in a Bathroom with Venus Swirl Razor

You may have to hold your leg up or prop it on the side to shave in the bath, so shave in slow, steady strokes to avoid scratches and cuts if you accidentally slip or move. Once finished, carefully step out of the tub, pat the skin dry and apply moisturiser.

Is it better to shave in the bath or shower?

Woman Shaving her thighs

Is shaving in the bath or shaving in the shower better? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

Shaving in the bath

Pros Cons
Warm water hydrates hair and skinfor a close shave in the bath Baths are more time-consuming, especially if you shave every day
It’s easy to rinse the razor between strokes You need to rinse the bath after shaving to wash away hair
Convenience – you can combine shaving with your bathing routine A close shave in the bath can make your skin more prone to irritation and razor burn
There’s no running water in the bath to rinse away shaving cream lather prematurely, so you can shave more calmly If the water is too hot, your skin can get irritated

Shaving in the shower

Pros Cons
The steam makes skin supple, so the razor glides more easily Water can wash away lather too soon, so there’s not enough to shave
Moisture from steam can hydrate hair and skinmeaning less irritation – especially for sensitive skin A closer shave can sometimes cause irritation or razor burn (shaving gel should help prevent this)
Lather is easily rinsed away after shaving in the shower Too much water on the skin can cause the razor to jump, resulting in nicks and cuts
Convenience – saves time as you can combine shaving in the shower with your grooming routine A non-steam mirror is needed to see where you’re shaving in the shower, especially hard-to-get-to areas

Shaving in the shower or bath FAQs

Is it safe to shave in the shower?

Yes, it’s safe to shave in the shower. It can even be better for your skin as the steam and moisture hydrates hair and skinfor a smooth, close shave – this makes shower shaving ideal for sensitive skin.

Should you shave your legs before or after a shower?

You can shave before or after a shower but shaving after is generally better. The steam hydrates hair and skin for a closer shave, and the moisture means less irritation when shaving.

Is it gross to shave in the bath?

No, it’s not gross to shave in the bath, so long as you clean up afterwards. Make sure you rinse the bath after shaving to wash away any hair.