Single-Blade Razor VS Multi-Blade: Which One Shaves Better?

Types of razors: single-blade razors and multi-blade razors. But which is best? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of each razor type to help you decide which is better for you.

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It’s an old-age battle in the world of razors. Flexibility vs ease, irritation vs a close shave – one blade vs multiple. Both single-blade and multi-blade razors bring their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dive into the differences between the two.

Single-Blade Razors

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Single-blade razors feature one double-edged blade connected to a handle, as the name suggests. They are also known as safety razors.

The most traditional kind of razor, single-blade razors date back thousands of years. The first safety razor was created in 1901 by Gillette founder, King Camp Gillette.

Mechanism of single-blade razors

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How do single-blade razors work? Single-blade or safety razors work with one double-edged blade that cuts hair close to the skin in a single pass.

Pros of using single-blade razors

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Less irritation

Single-blade razors generally cause less irritation than multi-blade razors as they make fewer passes over the skin. This reduces the risk of razor burns and ingrown hairs, which makes them a good option for people with sensitive skin.

More control & flexibility

Flexibility is one of the main perks of single-blade razors. Compared to multi-blade razors, single-blade offers more control for a smoother finish and precise hair removal – provided you know what you’re doing.

Ingrown hairs

Single-blade razors cut the hair precisely at the skin surface, so there’s much less chance of ingrown hair.

Cons of using single-blade razors

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More difficult to use

The main con of single-blade razors is they are much trickier to use than multi-blade razors. Achieving a silky-smooth finish takes skill. If you’re not practised with single-blade razors, nicks and cuts are much more likely.

Less close shave

Due to the single blade, it’s harder to achieve a close shave than it is with a multi-blade razor. This means you might need to shave more frequently with a single-blade razor for a hair-free look.

More expensive upfront

Single-blade razors are significantly more expensive initially than their multi-blade sisters. However, once you’ve bought the razor, it’s relatively cheap to buy replacement blades.

More time-consuming

Because there’s only one blade, you might have to shave the same spot multiple times to achieve the results you want.

Multi-blade razors

Gillette Venus Platinum handle with three different razor blades

As the name suggests, multi-blade razors have more than one blade in each razor cartridge. There are typically two to five blades in multi-blade razors, which ensures a close shave every time.

Five-blade razors are becoming the norm for multi-blade razors. Five blades offer premium results – even closer shaves with all the usual benefits. Are multi-blade razors better? Let’s find out.

Mechanism of multi-blade razors

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Multi-blade razors work by cutting the hair multiple times in a single pass to achieve a close shave. Each blade is positioned at a slightly different angle for smooth and painless results.

Five-blade razors cut each hair five times in a single stroke. As you’d expect, this delivers an ultra-close shave for unrivalled smoothness.

Pros of using multi-blade razors

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Easy to use

Unlike their single-blade counterparts, multi-blade razors are easier to use. They are designed to deliver great results with ease – even for beginners. No specific angles or complex strokes needed here.

You can also cut down on your shaving time with multi-blade or five-blade razors, as the blades get hairs on the first pass.

Cut-free shaves

Nicks and cuts are much less likely with multi-blade razors. The multiple blades in the design ensure a smooth glide over the skin – especially with five-blade razors.

Close shave for smooth results

Multi-blade razors are designed to provide a closer shave in a single pass than single-blade razors. The multiple blades can even cut hair below the surface for a smooth, flawless finish every time.

Cheaper to buy

Compared to single-blade razors, multi-blade razors are much more affordable upfront.

Cons of using multi-blade razors

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If you have sensitive skin, irritation is more likely when shaving with multi-blade razors. Several blades passing over the skin – rather than just one – increase the chance of irritation. However, if you prep your skin before shaving and carry out proper aftercare, the risk of irritation is greatly reduced.

Ingrown hairs

Multi-blade razors cut hair closer to the skin surface than single-blade ones (and even below the skin surface). This increases the risk of ingrown hairs.

That said, exfoliating before shaving and cleansing afterwards is key to preventing ingrown hairs, so you can enjoy a close shave blemish-free if you remember a few simple steps.

More replacements

Disposable razors should be replaced after every five to ten uses to ensure a sharp blade. Generally, multi-blade razors provide fewer uses per cartridge than single-blade razors.

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Multi-blade razors or single-blade razors: What should you choose?

Different types of razors

So, in the battle of multi-blade vs single-blade razors, which one comes out on top? It really depends on your experience level and the shaving results you’re looking for.

If you’re an experienced shaver, a single-blade razor gives you more flexibility to achieve the precise results you want. However, many women prefer to shave with multi-blade razors for their ease of use, speed and smooth results. The cream of the multi-blade crop, five-blade razors deliver a close shave without nicks or cuts.

Choosing the right type of razor FAQs

How many times can a single-blade razor be used?

A single-blade razor can be used between five and seven times before it needs replacing. Sharpness is essential for a close shave, so the results will decline after five to seven uses.

Do more blades mean better shave?

Are multi-blade razors better? More blades mean a closer shave with fewer strokes. If it’s smoothness you want, generally multi-blade razors deliver a better shave with a lower chance of nicks and cuts.

How many times can you use a multi-blade razor?

You can use a multi-blade razor to shave between five and ten times before it needs replacing. Each time you shave, the blades get a little duller, so it’s important to replace yours regularly. Comparing single-blade vs multi-blade razors, you can typically get a few more uses out of a multi-blade.