Dark and dry patches on skin: How to avoid them?

Getting dark and dry patches after shaving and don’t know why? Venus has the answer! Find out why in this article, along with helpful tips on preventing these patches from occurring.

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Many women will agree that shaving is amongst the most effective and convenient hair removal options out there. But does shaving make your skin darker? Dark and dry patches are a common concern that many women worry about when shaving.

Fear not - at Venus we know a thing or two about shaving and you’d be pleased to know that your go-to hair removal method doesn’t need to result in the unpleasant appearance of hyperpigmentation from shaving. Read our helpful guide to find out how to get rid of dark spots on your skin after shaving.

Does shaving cause dark skin?

Woman shaving her bikini line with Venus razor for pubic hair

Many believe shaving causes dark and dry patches on the skin, but in fact, hyperpigmentation of the skin can happen for many reasons. Excess production of melanin is the main reason behind dark spots. Many women naturally have more melanin in certain parts of their skin.
However, shaving aggressively or using bad quality razors can lead to further skin discolouration on body parts where there is already an excess of melanin. Similarly, scrapes and cuts may also trigger a post-inflammatory reaction, making your skin appear darker. For this reason, you must ensure you use a good quality razor to avoid increasing the chances of dark spots.
We recommend the full Venus line-up according to your needs, such as the Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Razor. This features a SkinElixir lurbastrip with a touch of aloe vera that allows further protection during your shave.

What causes dark, dry patches after shaving?

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Dark patches can occur after shaving due to several reasons, getting to the root of the cause will help prevent dark patches from occurring:

1. Improper shaving practices

Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Razor

It’s so easy to rush your shave and accidentally use rough strokes, but this can lead to skin irritation, often in the form of dry and dark patches on the skin. It’s essential to ensure you use the proper shaving technique and shave with gentle strokes.

2. Skin irritants

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Certain products you use before or after shaving can irritate the skin, including shaving creams. Always ensure you use products that suit your skin type especially if you already have dry and sensitive skin.

3. Ingrown hair

Woman having ingrown hair on her arm

Ingrown hair could also be the reason why your skin appears dark and dry. Ingrown hair occurs for several reasons including clogged pores that are caused by improper shaving which can cause hyperpigmentation.

How to get rid of dark, dry patches on skin?

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Having dark and dry patches on the skin can affect the confidence of many women, and many want to know how to get rid of dark spots from shaving naturally. You’d be pleased to know that there are several ways to remove the pigmentation:

Exfoliate your skin

Woman exfoliating her skin

Exfoliating before shaving can go a long way to getting rid of dark patches as it helps remove dead skin cells and allows new skin to come to the surface. This helps lighten dark spots and prevent ingrown hairs from occurring.

Use skin lightening cream

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There are creams which can help reduce the appearance of dark patches by lightening the area of the skin where hyperpigmentation is present. The most effective lightening ingredients you should look out for in creams are vitamin C, mulberry, liquorice and hydroquinone, which all help to brighten skin with dark patches and promote an even skin tone.

Prep your skin well

Woman applying moisturiser on her bikini line and preparing her skin for shaving

Pre-shaving skin prep is as important as the shaving process itself, the smoother the base of your skin, the easier the shave will be. This is why choosing the right shaving cream is essential to soften the hair before you shave. Venus Satin Care Pure & Delicate Shaving Gel is designed for sensitive skin; the formula helps minimise the risk of skin irritation and is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth after shaving.

How to prevent dark patches after shaving?

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You may wonder if shaving makes your skin darker? Whilst shaving can’t be the cause of dark patches, the way you shave and what you use during and after shaving can impact the quality of your shave, resulting in dark and dry patches. So, it is best to know the key tips on shaving and aftercare that can help you prevent dark and dry patches on your skin:

Use good quality razors

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You should always select a good quality razor to make the shaving process easy and effective. For example, Venus Extra Smooth Razors will make shaving an efficient and safe hair removal option. You should always use clean razors and change your blades often to avoid clogging your pores.

Shave in the correct direction

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The most comfortable way to shave is with the grain, which is in the direction of your hair growth. Hold your skin tight to avoid cuts and irritation, and then shave using short and light strokes.

Moisturize skin after shaving

Woman moisturising her skin after shaving

Incorporating a cooling gel or suitable moisturiser after you shave can help to soothe and calm freshly shaven skin; this will help retain any moisture lost during the shaving process.

The Bottom Line

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We all have different skin, which is why not everyone's skin responds the same way to shaving. But by incorporating simple tips in your shaving routine, such as using good quality razors, better shaving techniques and cooling moisturisers, you can prevent dark, dry patches and skin irritation to achieve a smooth and more even skin tone.

Dark and dry patches on skin FAQs

How do I get rid of dark spots on my private area after shaving?

You can treat dark spots around and on your bikini area by using gentle exfoliators, shaving with the grain using fresh blades and by using a delicate moisturiser after shaving.

How to get rid of dark spots from shaving naturally?

Many natural remedies can help get rid of dark spots; some of the most effective natural ingredients are:

  • Lemon juice (or anything containing vitamin C)
  • Aloe vera (for hydration)
  • Mulberries (contain vitamin C)

How to get rid of dark armpits?

Underarms can often become discoloured due to the wrong shaving products and techniques. Use a gentle exfoliator before shaving and use new blades shaving with the grain.