Itchiness after shaving? Here's how to stop and treat it

If you’ve ever removed body hair, you’ve probably felt itchiness after shaving. Luckily, there are lots of ways to avoid irritation - so get ready to discover the most effective steps with Venus’ simple guide.

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Itchiness after shaving? Here's how to stop and treat it

Whether you’re looking forward to days by the pool or just wanting to feel your best, you may well be reaching for your razor. Of course, getting beach ready often leaves you wondering: ‘why is it itchy after shaving’?

Read on to find out how to get rid of a prickly feeling after shaving whilst getting that smooth skin look you love with Venus products.

What causes itchiness after shaving?

Woman shaving her knee in the bathroom

Ever asked yourself what causes itchiness after shaving? The answer often lies in the blades that glide over your skin. Even when you shave, your hair follicles continue to grow hair under your skin’s surface – sometimes, gliding over your skin with a razor can lead to irritation.

Another common culprit is using products with a lot of fragrance or alcohol for body grooming. These can dry out your skin’s surface, causing flaky dry skin that can clog your razor and lead to pulling and tugging.

Itchiness may also be caused by a medical condition called folliculitis. Folliculitis occurs when the hair follicles become inflamed, you’ll notice small red raised bumps or pimples around your hair follicles that are often itchy and sore.

How to calm itchy or irritated skin after shaving?

How to calm itchy or irritated skin after shaving

Experiencing itchy armpits and legs after shaving can be annoying, here’s the best ways you can give your skin the relief it needs:

Warm Compress

Hydrate Your Face Skin with Warm, Damp Wash Cloth to Shave More Easily

Your first go-to for soothing skin after shaving is to grab a clean washcloth and soak it in warm water and apply it to the affected area. You may find more relief by adding a drop of salt to the solution.

Use Moisturiser

Apply Moisturiser

Dry skin is a lot more likely to feel itchy and uncomfortable so try applying a gentle moisturiser. Some formulations also include aloe vera which is particularly good for red and itchy skin.

Wear Loose Clothes

Woman wearing loose clothes

Letting your skin breathe is another top tip for reducing your risk of irritation and itchiness. Rubbing against fabrics and building up sweat are both far from ideal for freshly shaved skin so look for loose and flowing items to wear after shaving.

How to prevent itching after shaving?

How to prevent itching after shaving?

While the tips above are great for aftercare, some simple prep can make your shaving experience a whole lot smoother and help you know how to stop itching after shaving.

Trim first

Trim first

One way to give your razor less to do is quickly trimming any longer hairs with scissors before you start shaving. This will let your shaving device target any hair without getting caught in growth.

Don't shave on dry skin

Don't shave on dry skin

To let your razor glide over your skin’s surface, make sure it’s prepped before shaving. Taking a warm shower or bath and soaking your skin will give its surface a moisture boost, which softens your hairs making them easier to shave.

Using high-quality, moisturising shaving gel also reduces friction, minimising the risk of razor burn and itchy armpits after shaving.

Superior quality razors

Venus Sensitive Razor

Whenever you shave, check that your razor blades aren’t dull as this will pull on skin and irritate your follicles.

Finding the right razor for you is also great for avoiding itchiness. If you regularly struggle with itchiness after shaving, we suggest trying the Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Razor as it features low-cutting force blades and a SkinElixir lubrastrip with a touch of aloe vera for glide.

Our dye-free and dermatologically tested Venus Satin Care Pure & Delicate Shaving Gel is our top pick for sensitive skin and it’s designed to minimise your risk of irritation.

Shave in the direction of hair growth

Woman shaving her legs in the bathroom

Now that you know that itchiness after shaving is largely caused by disturbing your follicles, make sure your shaving direction follows the direction of hair growth.

Going with the direction your hair grows will reduce the chances of tugging at your follicles and getting that itchy feeling no one wants.

Moisturise skin after shaving

Moisturise skin after shaving

Washing and shaving your skin can leave it feeling dry so it’s also essential to restore its moisture levels once you’re done. Pick a fragrance-free or mild body moisturiser to lock in that all-important hydration.

How to stop pubic hair from itching?

How to stop pubic hair from itching?

As a particularly sensitive area, protecting your skin from irritation when shaving pubic hair is a must. Here are our essential prep tips for how to stop pubic hair itching when growing back.

Trim before shaving

Woman trimming with Venus Bikini Trimmer

Razors are designed to catch short hairs for a close finish so any growth that’s longer than half an inch is worth trimming with scissors before you get started.

Soften hair

Soften hair with water or bath

Before you grab your razor, remember to soak any hair you’ll be shaving. Pubic hair tends to be coarser than other areas of the body, so this is a particularly important step. When your razor glides through softer hair you’ll be a lot less likely to feel itchy after shaving.

Moisturise when done

Woman applying moisturiser

Moisturising regularly will give your hair the best chance of growing without any of that dreaded itchy feeling. Make sure any moisturiser you use after body shaving is unscented and gentle for your skin, like Venus’ Daily Soothing Serum. This can be used either between or after shaving to maintain skin smoothness and hydration – perfect for if you’re worried about dry post-shave skin!

The Bottom Line

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Everyone’s skin is unique, so be sure to find a gentle shaving routine that works for you. A great place to start is our range of Venus Shaving Products which are designed with your skin’s comfort in mind.

If you experience itchiness from shaving, following our tips throughout this guide will set you up for success in body grooming - so make sure you prep and do aftercare the right way!

FAQs for Itchiness after Shaving

How do you stop your hair from itching as it grows back?

While shaving can give you the smooth skin look that you want, it can also irritate and dry your skin, so make sure to moisturise your skin daily to combat itchiness. Shaving with the grain hair grows will also help stop itchiness after shaving.

How to stop itching after shaving legs?

To stop itchy legs after shaving make sure you rinse off any shaving gel after using your razor to avoid skin irritation and pat your skin dry gently. Using warm water instead of hot can also protect your body’s moisture levels and reduce dryness and itchiness.

How to prevent itching after shaving?

If you’re not sure how to get rid of a prickly feeling after shaving, stopping razor burn starts with making sure you’re using a clean and sharp razor and shaving with the direction your hair grows in.