How to Extend the Life of Your Shaving Razor & Razor Blades

Razors inevitably lose sharpness due to factors like hard water, moisture, and wear. Dull blades can lead to skin issues. To extend their lifespan, follow these tips.

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As much as we might want them to, razors don’t last forever. With every use, your razor blades get a bit blunter. This is due to several factors: hard water corrosion, rusting from moisture and general wear and tear are the main culprits.

When razor blades get dull, they’re more likely to cause skin irritation, razor bumps and nicks or cuts, so it’s important to replace them when their lifespan is up.

Want your razor to last longer? You might want to reduce the money you spend on personal grooming. With the right care, your razor blade can stay sharp for longer.

Here’s how to extend the life of razor blades.

Tips for extending the life of shaving razors and razor blades

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Let's take a look at some top tips for improving and extending the life of razors and razor blades.

1. Clean the blade properly after every shave

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After you shave, it’s crucial to clean your razor properly before putting it away. Rinse away all residual hair, skin particles and shaving cream to prevent rust. Top tip – use an old toothbrush to help you get between the blades.

2. Wipe the blade dry on a towel after every use

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After thoroughly rinsing your razor blade, dry it carefully with a towel. This absorbs any moisture left on the blades, which could cause the razor to rust.

3. Keep the razor oiled

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Want to preserve your razor whilst it’s stored away? Oil it up! Using blade oil can keep your razor blades supple and protect them from rust and corrosion, helping extend the razor’s life. Just make sure you rinse away any oil before you next shave.

4. Sharpen the razor blades

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Did you know you can sharpen your razor blades? You just need some old denim, then gently swipe the razor blade across it in both directions. You can also use tools like sharpening stones and strop to hone the razor edge. This will even out small faults in the razor.

5. Use soft water for shaving

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Hard water is one of the biggest threats to your razor’s lifespan. It’s full of minerals that can build up over time on your razor blades, causing them to corrode. If you shave in the shower, you can install a hard water filter over the shower head to filter out the minerals. You can also boil the water you use when razor shaving beforehand to make it soft – just make sure to let the water cool before you begin shaving.

6. Store razors in a cool and dry spot

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Are you guilty of storing your razor in the shower? It’s easy and convenient, but it can cause your razor to dull faster. The shower is full of moisture, so razor blades are exposed to this every time the shower is on – not just when you shave. This means the blades will dull much faster than they will when stored upright in a cool, dry place.

This could be a bathroom cupboard, in a different room, or even in a specially designed razor case.

7. Use a carrying case while travelling

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If you’re taking your razor away with you, show it some TLC and use a razor cover or case. Loose razors in your case or washbag can experience friction and trauma as they rub up against other things, which is a surefire way to dull the razor blade. Discover more about taking razors in plane.

8. Trim your hair before shaving

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Trimming your hair before shaving can help your razor blades last longer. The longer the hair, the more passes of the razor you’ll need to shave the area, plus the more clogged the razor blades will be. This means the razor will get blunter faster.

9. Replace the blade after 5-8 shaves, or every 2-3 weeks

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Even if you take the best care of your razor blades, they will still dull a little more after every use. But do you know how often to change razor blades?

To keep them sharp, you should replace the blade or disposable razor after every five to eight shaves or two to three weeks, depending on how often you shave.

If you shave with a dull razor, you’re more at risk of skin irritation, razor bumps, nicks and cuts – not to mention the results won’t be as smooth as with a sharp razor.


How do I keep my razor blades from getting dull?

To prevent dull razor blades, you should rinse them with hot water after use, store the razor upright in a cool, dry place and use a razor cover or case when travelling.

How long should razor blades last?

Not sure how often to change razor blades? As a rule, razor blades should last 5-8 shaves or 2-3 weeks, but this can vary depending on how often you shave and the thickness of your hair.

How can I sharpen my razor at home?

To sharpen a razor at home, you’ll need tools like a sharpening stone and strop to hone and strop the razor blades for a sharp edge.

Why does my razor get dull so fast?

The leading causes of a dull razor are corrosion of the metal, wear from contact with hairs and rusting from inadequate drying. This can reduce how long a razor blade lasts.