Dermaplaning Myths Debunked

Get the facts about dermaplaning and learn how it can help remove fine facial hair.

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Dermaplane razor on a surface

If you’re looking to upgrade your facial care routine to instantly and visibly remove fine facial hair and dead skin cells, dermaplaning might be for you. Our NEW Facial Hair & Skin Care with Olay dermaplaning routine has everything you need to help you get instantly smooth, glowing skin. Plus, it’s a simple and effective process that can be done from the comfort of your own home. But with so much conflicting information around dermaplaning, we wanted to take a moment to clear things up.

What are some myths about dermaplaning?


Dermaplaning makes your hair grow back thicker or darker.


Although the myth has been around forever, the truth remains that your hair will grow and look the same after dermaplaning. Facial hair growth in women depends on one’s androgen hormone levels, including testosterone and androstenedione. Dermaplaning can’t change your hair growth, but it can seriously boost your skin’s glow.


Dermaplaning is painful.


When done properly, dermaplaning has the similar sensation as shaving your legs or underarms. It’s important to find the best dermaplaning razor and be sure you’re using a fresh, clean blade. Our razor blade with Skin Defense Guard has a protective guard around the blade and rounded protective tip for an easy at home experience. Unlike most single-use razors, our dermaplaning razor features a premium, durable handle built to last, so you can simply change the blades with a click. The refillable blades may be used up to three times, for a smooth, comfortable experience.


Dermaplaning can’t be done at home.


Dermaplaning at home, with the right tool and routine, is a easy and effective way to achieve smooth, glowing skin. Thanks to our innovative, high-quality blade featuring a Skin Defense Guard and a rounded protective tip, Venus for Facial Hair & Skin Care respects your skin. The full DIY dermaplaning routine makes the at-home process affordable, and upkeep can be done as needed from the comfort of your own home.


Dermaplaning will irritate my skin.


Our routine leaves skin hydrated, smooth, and glowing. The dermaplaning blade features our patented Skin Defense Guard with a protective round tip that allows the at-home dermaplaning tool to get close to the skin with less risk of nicks or cuts. Some people believe you’ll break out after dermaplaning, but this also just isn’t true. It is, however, important to recognize that while dermaplaning is a great way to easily exfoliate skin, it isn’t recommended for people with active acne or lesions.


Dermaplaning on active acne can irritate the skin.


We do not recommend dermaplaning acne, or over an active pimple or lesion, as this can create a breakout or acne irritation.

Now that we’ve cleared some common myths, it’s time to get dermaplaning. Check out our step-by-step dermaplaning guide or learn even more about dermaplaning from some of our face and skin care experts.

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