Shaving Creams vs Shaving Gels: Which One Should You Choose?

Know the differences between shaving gel and shaving cream. Find out the benefits of using shaving gel and shaving cream and decide which is better for shaving purposes.

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At Venus we know that your grooming and skincare routine is unique to you, so finding the perfect products for your skin is a must. This is why choosing between gel vs cream to use alongside your favourite razor is an essential step to perfecting your grooming kit.

If you’re not sure about what sets women’s shaving cream and shaving gel apart, we’ve got the lowdown for you to level up your pampering and skin prep. So whether you’re headed off to laze around by a poolside or just want to get an ultra close finish from your razor, find out more about Venus’s hydrating shaving gel now and its unique benefits!

Shaving cream vs shaving gel? What’s the difference?

Woman with applied shaving gel on her legs shaving with Venus razor

Women’s shaving cream is a foamy product with a light consistency. This means it rarely clogs razors but it can make seeing where you shave more difficult due to its foamy appearance that covers your skin.

On the other hand, shaving gel is a lighter formula that offers slickness and lubrication for a smooth shave – so you can expect a great base for your razor to glide over.

Is the lather from gel and cream different?

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Lather from shaving cream is normally thick and foamy so has an immediate visual difference from shaving gel.

Lather from gel is designed with shaving in mind and has a transparent look that allows you to see exactly where you’re shaving. It has a less foamy consistency and is especially formulated to reduce friction between your razor and skin.

Does shaving gel or cream offer easy rinsing

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Women’s shaving cream is great for people that don’t shave daily as it has a thick lather – in terms of rinsing this can slow things down and some people find it messier than a slick gel.

With the light lather that you get from a shaving gel, rinsing is super simple. As gel has a thinner consistency you can spread a small amount more efficiently on the area you’re shaving and have less to rinse away when you’re done!

Do shaving creams or gels clog up your shaver?

Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Rosegold razor with refills placed on the bathroom sink

Shaving cream’s consistency is easy to rinse and unlikely to clog razor blades. Any shaving product can become lodged in between blades over time but remembering to rinse after every pass with your razor quickly clears away any build up.

We also suggest replacing your Venus razor blade as soon as you notice any signs of dullness so clogging shouldn’t be a concern! Learn more about ways to extend life of your razor & razor blades.

Should you use water with shaving gel?

Bathtub with running water

Using hot water on your skin’s surface before you start shaving is a great way to soften hair and prep it for contact with your razor.

Avoiding pull on your skin is the best way to avoid irritation from shaving and hot water and shaving gel can combine well to give you this lubricating effect.

Do shaving gels offer better razor glide?

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Shaving gel’s thin consistency and transparent appearance let you shave with ease and you can expect greater glide than cream offers. Venus shaving gels with aloe vera have been designed with smooth shaving in mind so be sure to try out one of these formulas if you suffer with irritation from body grooming.

To find out more about which product is right for you, check out our guide on How to Choose Best Shaving Cream and Gel for your Skin Type.

Does shaving gel offer better moisturisation and skin protection?

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While shaving gel comes with a rich lather this offers greater protection and moisturisation for your skin’s surface than cream. As shaving can be a particularly drying process for your skin, this benefit is vital for keeping your skin happy and healthy while grooming.

Do shaving gels offer a better shaving experience?

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Finding the right shaving products is all down to personal preference but if you are looking for a grooming solution that offers moisturisation, easy glide while you shave and protection for your skin, shaving gel may be exactly what you are looking for.

Shaving Gels offering with intense moisturisation for dry skin like Venus Satin Care Violet Swirl and dye-free shaving gels for minimal irritation, like Pure & Delicate Shaving Gel option, also offer even more choice for your best shave ever.

Takeaways to remember

Woman smiling in a bikini

With this guide you now know the key differences between shaving gel and cream to look out for.

Finding the right shaving gel for your skin’s surface is the first step towards unbeatably smooth and well-groomed skin so with your new knowledge explore our range now to find the ideal shaving gel that will fit into your beauty routine!

Shaving Gel vs Shaving Cream FAQs

Are shaving cream and shaving gel the same?

While shaving cream and shaving gel may serve the same purpose, they work in unique ways to protect your skin’s surface and offer lubrication while you shave. Trying each option for yourself can help you to find your ideal option.

Is it better to shave with cream or gel?

While shaving cream has been around for longer, its thick consistency makes it difficult for hair to stand up while you shave. For your razor to easily cut hairs on your skin’s surface, this is a major obstacle so we suggest trying out a gel that brings hair within easy access.

Is shaving cream really necessary?

Dermatologists suggest you should always use some form of shaving lubrication as the force of multiple blades moving over your dry skin can be highly irritating. To safely use this cutting power, be sure to find the right shaving gel or cream for you.