How to Shave Your Head for Women: A Step by Step Guide

Wondering about shaving your head for the first time or curious about the best way to do the job? Anyone going for a woman’s shaved head look should check out Venus’ guide for our essential haircare steps before taking the plunge.

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If you’re toying with the idea of shaving your head as a woman, our step-by-step guide with Venus’s dedicated hair removal tools will set you up for success. Follow our easy route to moisturized and smooth hair removal with our easy-to-follow look at shaving your head!

How To Shave a Woman's Head & Care for It?

Woman smiling while applying shaving cream

When it comes to easy hair removal, shaving is the simplest method out there for getting a smooth head and achieving your new look.

While this is a great technique for shaving your head as a woman, it’s essential to make sure you have all the tools for prep and giving your scalp the aftercare it needs.

There are a few do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind when shaving a woman's head using Venus moisturising gels or creams and our lubricated razors.

Steps to follow before shaving your head

Cut your long hair

Just like your hairdresser wouldn’t start cutting your hair as soon as you arrive in the salon, you shouldn’t start shaving your head as a woman without some important prep.

1. Washing and conditioning

One of the first things a hairdresser will do is make sure that your hair is clean and conditioned – cutting through oily hair will be difficult and can be easily avoided with this step.

2. Cutting long hair

This one’s for any women with longer locks – we’d suggest trimming down the bulk of growth before you go anywhere near your razor. This will make gliding over your head as you finish the job a lot easier.

How to get the shaving process right

Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Razor

1. Use a high-quality and ergonomically designed razor

Look for a razor like the Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Razor that will follow the contours of your head – along with using a mirror to see any hard-to-reach spots this will help you shave smoothly. A razor with multiple blades is also great for catching more hairs on every pass.

2. Apply a soothing compress during shaving

Along with washing your hair before you start cutting, using a warm compress on your scalp throughout the shaving process will help to keep your hair soft and easy to cut throughout.

3. Think about where to shave first

The easiest way to make sure you don’t miss any hair is to visually divide your cut into sections. Tackle the sides, back and front individually and you’ll get the best coverage as you shave.

Aftercare for shaving your head for women

Woman applying shave gel

1. Moisturise your scalp after shaving

After being washed your skin loses moisture so it’s essential to restore this after conditioning and shaving. This will help to prevent dryness and irritation on your scalp.

2. Touch up on your shave

We suggest shaving around every three to four weeks as you see stubble growing out. You may see different rates of growth so feel free to shave as you see hair appear.
3. Find the ideal shaving routine for your scalp

As you moisturise and care for your hair and see its rate of growth you can tailor this guide to yourself. The ideal shaving routine for you will let you style this exciting new look for yourself comfortably and smoothly.

How to get side shaved hair styles?

Young woman looking straight at the camera, under a clear sky

For a cut with an eye-catching contrast, you might want to try out a half-shaved hairstyle with a longer look on top and shaved sides.

This kind of style with side-shaved hair makes zoning out the different areas of your head particularly important. Shave down the sides to your desired length first, making sure not to cross over into the bulk of your hair on top.

When doing this kind of half-shaved hair look, remember to follow all of our tips on protecting your scalp and preparing the hair before you start cutting with a device like the Venus Deluxe Smooth Swirl Razor.

The Right Tools for Shaving Your Head as a Woman

4 Venus Extra Smooth Razor Blades

Along with being an exciting and radical change to your look, shaving your head as a woman calls for a few essentials for a smooth and effortless trim. Here are our Venus must-haves for getting this style right.


Gillette Venus Platinum handle with three different razor blades

Shaving your head as a woman calls for being able to easily move across hard-to-reach areas. With flexible gel bars, a lubrastrip for glide and an ergonomically designed handle, the Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze Razor is an ideal razor for head shaving. It also includes three blades to catch as many hairs as possible on each pass making your experience quicker and easier.

Shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner

For prepping your hair and keeping your scalp healthy over time it is a must to use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner. Avoiding build-up of oil and dead skin on your scalp will make any touch-ups to a shaved hairstyle a much easier experience.



The best time to moisturise your scalp is immediately after a shower as you will be able to reach the skin’s surface directly with ease. Be sure to find a nourishing and high-quality moisturiser for your scalp to keep your skin at its best.


Sunscreen to protect your shaved head

With a shaved hairstyle, it’s especially important to make sure you wear SPF all over to avoid unexpected burns and keep your new style comfortable and healthy.

What are the advantages of shaving your head as a woman?

Platinum razor handle with different types of attachable blades


Maintaining Shaved Head

With fewer salon trips and the ability to easily refresh this style at home, maintenance for a shaved head for women can be a lot less intensive than some other hair looks.


Piggy bank

As you’ll spend less time at the hairdresser and can pull off this style with just some grooming essentials from Venus, it can also be a great way to save on spending when it comes to your beauty routine.

Confidence in your new look

Woman smiling while applying shaving cream

This bold style sets you apart in your hairstyling and could be a great way to embrace your best confident self. Flaunt your natural looks with a shaved head as a woman and you may never look back!

Now that you have the full lowdown on shaving your head for women and how to perfect the style with Venus Shaving Products why not try it out yourself?

Shaving Woman's Head FAQs

What should you know before shaving your head?

If you’re considering shaving your head for the first time you can expect to save time and money on hair styling and get an eye-catching new look. There are some potential risks of dry skin and scalp irritation but with our tips on smooth grooming, these can be avoided.

Is it hard to maintain a shaved head?

We recommend shaving your head around every three weeks. Over time this trim will become faster as you get more accustomed to shaving.

Is shaving your head good for hair?

Many people believe that shaving makes hair grow more densely though this is a popular myth – genetics and hormones are the main factors impacting your hair growth.